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About Katie Lee

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A window into her world

In 2012 she trained with a Holy Fire Reiki Master teacher and member of the International Center For Reiki Training, this modality of healing changed how she saw the world, and has added to her life greatly.

As a child she experienced lucid dreaming, astral projection, prophetic dreams, psychic intuition, saw and spoke with many non physical beings, and interacted with energy as a way to understand the physical world. She also grew up remembering the day she was born, and always had the burning question "why can't I remember my life before this one?" as she grew up, many experiences set the stage for her to heal and expand her consciousnesses, trauma being the catalyst for her healing journey, and awakening which began in 2012.

Her awakening started with a series of dreams and visitations, as well as a energy body activation, and past life recall. It was at this time a spirit guide came to her, and told her she needed to learn and remember how to heal with energy and her hands, so she began her training in Reiki and energy medicine.

As she was in a meditation under a Full Blood Super Moon, she went on a Shamanic journey into the Earth where she was shown her spirit animal form, and was given her spirit name "Dolinka" Golden Eagle.

Since her humble beginnings, Katie Lee continues her own awakening and healing process, and is committed to her purpose on the Earth, to help facilitate healing and the expansion of human consciousness, and following the path of the heart, Christ Consciousnesses and balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within herself and the planet. You can read about her adventures and experiences on her blog, and also her podcast!

"My passion is to help and assist others on their own healing path, being a mirror, as everyone is our mirror, and offering hope, joy, as well as holding space for all who seek peace, and to uncover the Cosmic Love we all hold within us. I believe healing can be as simple as demonstrating peace, kindness, and having absolute presence with each and every heart we meet."

~ Blessings Beloved Heart, thank you for honoring me with your presence and energy. May your heart feel my intentions of Love and Oneness with you, in lak'ech ala k'in.





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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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