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Katie Lee

Eugene OR 97402

About Katie Lee

Her Journey Unfolding

Katie is a intuitive Holy Fire Reiki Master, empath, artist and photographer.

In 2012 she trained with a Holy Fire Reiki Master teacher and member of the International Center For Reiki Training, this modality of healing changed how she saw the world, and has added to her life greatly.

Her ability to tune in extends to her photography, creating a intimate link from the subject to the viewer from an authentic and honest space. Capturing the essence of the subject, using natural light, and keeping the shots as organic as possible is how she approaches capturing a moment.

She currently lives in Logan Utah, a place she was called too after a taking solo road trip and fell in love with the land. Minneapolis is her hometown and old stomping ground, where she still has clients, friends and family.

"My passion is to help and assist others on their own healing path, offering hope and joy through demonstrating how amazing life can be when we honor each others gifts. I believe all healing is self healing, and that suffering has become an epidemic we have been taught is normal. Suffering is something we can all change by simply healing it in our own hearts, and by demonstrating peace, kindness and having absolute presence with each other"




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