A magical pep talk

The magic of life.

There are so many times in my life where I experienced something that can only be described as “magical” or amazing. And yet despite the constant flow of Universal abundance, miracles and magic, I still find myself viewing life with a somewhat mundane lense. How can I find life anything but magical when beautiful nature spirits speak to me when I meditate in the woods, Angels appear in my sleep, Pleaidian and other star souls walk the streets, repetitive numbers appear every single day, babies are born, people have near death experiences that give way to incredible insights, people healing themselves with their minds!

No life is anything but mundane, it is filled with so much beauty, joy, and potential, we as humans just have this terrible habit of shutting it out, and believing what is only shown to us.

If you peek behind the curtain, if you step off the dotted line, if you tune into the universe instead of the 5 o’clock news, you will find more meaning, more wonder, and more strange and wonderful phenomenon than you ever expected. But there has to be a yearning for it, a desire to see it, and the courage to not just step into it, but to live in it. Right here, right now in this moment there are thousands of possibilities, are we truly aware of a fraction of them?

Our ancestors were aware of this force, the "unseen" and respected it's presence. The ancients knew and felt it's presence, the Native American's understood these cosmic forces,so many cultures across our planet have stories passed down about other beings, energy, and other worlds. why do you think the "Force" in the Star Wars movies resonates with so many people? Because it mimics the truth of universal connection. There is an element in which we have completely lost touch with as a modern society, it is sometimes referred to as "the great mystery", yet not matter what you call it, or what someone else calls it, does it make it any less real or true? Let your spirit guide you into what resonates within you, as Terence McKenna says "go with direct experience".

We are only ever stuck in our thinking, in our perception, we are in an endless number of potential paths at any given time. Be open to just a few, and allow yourself to flow with the current of the universe. You will find paths you never saw before, and magic in your front yard.

Every decision brings us further to our collective destiny as a planet, as a species, but what about you? What are our personal decisions bringing us too, each step, each cup of coffee, where is it all leading? We can’t always know our futures, but we can tap into the universal flow and be in harmony with our highest potential, now doesn’t that sound nice? Not fighting the current, or second guessing every decision? It doesn’t mean we have to overhaul our lives, but simply starting to see the magic, and be aware of our steps, have purpose in our lives, have intention for what we do. For some it means more mindfulness, for others more play, whatever you need to cultivate the balance of the universe within you. Have you lost your fairy dust? I assure you it isn’t as hard to recover as you think, every single person, being and spirit we interact with daily holds a very unique energy, essence and piece of the universe, if that isn’t magical I don’t know what is! Sometimes it is as easy as listening to the trees.....


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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