Astrological Hangover

Has the intensity of the astrological energy been kicking your ass as much as it has mine? In light of all the transformation, releasing, and shadow work we have all been doing (whether you know it or not) I felt it was a good time to write this blog, so lets dive in!

The compulsion to be seen as "right", "good" or dare I say "Perfect" can be sticky, messy and cloud our emotional guidance because in our minds, if we are in alignment we must be a "certain way". But this kind of idea isn't helpful, it's a trap of the mind.

Being in your truth and authenticity has nothing to do with what other people might be thinking, or look a "certain way". It has to do with being in our hearts, and feeling the ore of inner knowing steering us down the river.

So often we let our minds create limitations without knowing it, if you have ever struggled with self image (which is pretty much everyone) then you know the pain of not approving of yourself. When you run into this energy, it isn't the truth, it's just showing you that you have created a limitation when you weren't looking (or experiencing trauma).

No sweat! I run into this daily, this is the work we do, and it's easy for the lines to blur, and get stuck in thought patterns before you realize what happened. This point is the crucial part, do you berate yourself right after the "Aha moment"? because instead of this auto reaction of judgement, slip over to that beautiful heart energy, and when you do this, your reaction will change from judgement (shadow/mind) to laughter (bliss/spirit) because you will realize your own illumination! This is where I experience "The Cosmic Giggle" the most!

So be LOVING to yourself, and I say this knowing I am telling myself this as well. Did you notice how the energy was pushing us this summer? Ride the waves, don't fight them, they are carrying us to something bright and amazing! I know it's been a roller coaster ride, trust me! I hope the universe didn't take a picture of my reaction....... because my reaction wasn't as graceful as I'd wish heh heh :-D

It's alright though, because we are HUMAN and this is all part of the play.....

Change is messy, it's ok :) Don't let the mess scare you, because this energy that is transforming, is here to create beautiful things!

So remember to keep your heart open, give yourself some extra pats on the back for walking your path, because you are killing it and the Universe has your back! Sending all the smiles, laughs and hugs your way, hope this helped or made your heart a little lighter today, and help you know you are never alone, life is good and you are beautiful!

~In Love, Dolinka


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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