Catch you in the flow

In the summer of 2017 I was driving to see a dear friend in Provo, I had never been to Utah before and I had been on the road for a while, from Minnesota to Oregon, Idaho, and then Utah.

And as I drove I remember getting a vision of being in a group hug and feeling pure love, support and connection. It was a hug of 3 people, two males I had yet to meet and myself.

Once I moved to Logan I didn’t bother looking for these two people, I knew that I would cross paths with them when it was time. I was meeting lots of lovely people and making friends rather quickly, and one day as I was meeting someone I had been chatting with over a community app, and just like that, it happened. We met, and it was that single meeting that unfolded into one of the most transformative and healing friendships I have ever had, a few days later I found myself in a group hug with two loving and supportive male friends. Having a deep friendship is something incredibly special to me, and it reflects the truth of oneness in a very tangible way. Those two brothers have been my mirrors, reflecting love and growth to me and from me.

I often use the phrase “in the flow”and this means that I am being fluid, riding the currents of the Universe. I think there can be a misconception that being in the “flow” means to be passive. But I find the opposite to be true, being in the flow means that you are consciously aligning yourself with your true journey, it is where soul and path meet.

This means, in true pure flow sate, every movement, action and decision is in alignment with your highest self. This is a fulfilling path, full of growth, challenges, healing and joy. Being in the flow, means knowing when to rest, when to speak, when to act and when to surrender.

To live in the flow is an incredible experience, it is the path of inner truth, it is the Warrior, and the lover, embodying the harmony of the Universe through the heart.

This is how being in the flow and alignment occurs, by the grace of the Heart. One must fully submerge themselves in their heart, it is in this place we can decipher and clearly see our path laying before us. We can feel when we are in the flow, and when we are fighting against the current. The heart is the key, it is the center of everything and everyone in existence, it connects us and reminds us who we are, which is One.

May you live in the flow, in truth and oneness, come on in, the water is beautiful loves.

Much Love from yours truly,

~ Dolinka Dirokshi


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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