If you are here, and you are reading this blog, chances are you opted to step into this body, this life, and try being a human for a time. What is miraculous is that by the time we have a concept of time, we are constantly rushing the experience. Always looking ahead to the next step, “if I can just get there…” we tell ourselves, like there is somewhere to go!

It begs to wonder, if we decided to be here, in this moment, in this now, with a body, then why are we so afraid to enjoy it and embracing it? As Alan Watts talks about “why your life is not a journey”, and Ram Dass says “try the curriculum” and as many wisdom filled figures have said “be in the moment”. On the spirit side we see humans doing amazing things, our depth is something to behold, we wanted that experience, and yet I see us short changing ourselves by either getting immersed in the dream of reality, or leaving it altogether and spending our time on the higher realms of consciousness seeking to transcend it. Neither are wrong, neither are good or bad, but both of those stories have the potential to robs us of the now.

What is the truth of this moment? If we are all each other, then on the spirit side we will have experienced everything in existence, and that is why this gift of “individuality” is so beautiful, it gives us the chance to feel, see and experience life in incredibly rich and powerful ways. But so often we rob ourselves of this, either by doctrine or lack of presence. When a brother or sister speaks of being here in the now, they aren’t trying to trick you into wasting your time, they are giving you a gift, the gift of the moment, this moment.

What incredible insights and bliss can be had, if only we stopped and take the time to see each moment for what it truly is.

Not every moment in this life is pleasant, pain is a real part of this "whole", but pain above all else holds a plethora of insight. We all came here, and the question isn’t why, the question is why not? There is no moment like the present, and these bodies on this planet are able to experience them in a wonderfully unique way. To be in resistance of the human experience is to be in resistance to everything in the now, and going through your life in full resistance can be painful, it can rob you of the absolute blessing of this gorgeous moment, this moment where you choose to experience yourself in all these unique ways. Connecting to our higher self, our “spirit, the All, Source, I Am, God, Collective Consciousness” doesn’t happen out there, in happens right here, the tree outside, that pane of glass, the candy wrapper on the street. If we are all one, and Light is Love and Love is everything, then from this perspective, your shoelace is love, the breath is love, the key turning in the lock is love, the sound of the bus down the street is love. It is us experiencing ourselves, so let's not run from it, or spend this short human lifetime trying to fast forward through it, because every single moment has the potential for bliss, every breath hold the secrets of the universe, everyone we meet is our soulmate. And with that truth, it can make even going to the market an incredible experience of Divine Love.

You are here now, might as well embrace my love <3

Each moment holds infinite blessings, possibilities, and more love than we could ever fathom, and all we are required to do is exist, to breath and witness it.

All my love and heart,

~ Dolinka Dirokshi


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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