Mind Censorship and Allowing Flow

How many times a day do we censor ourselves? Not just in our actions but in our minds?

We have many social standards and it is easy to get caught up in the censorship mindset, it is a way of being, and for many they do not venture beyond this self imposed fence, and never experience freedom, freedom of the mind.

This type of censorship doesn't just lock out the bad thoughts, but it keeps us away from ourselves, and what we are willing to allow in our lives.

If we are in the process of creation and manifesting things in our lives, that fence of censorship is blocking us from the flow and the Universe to bring us what we have set our focus on.

This can best be understood through feeling, have you ever set out to do something, write a blog, paint a picture, write a song, solve a problem and feel restriction in your body? That is your mind censoring you, it usually comes from fear, fear of being wrong, fear of the idea not working out, fear of wasting time, or being perceived as silly or weird. But I can guarantee you that the folks who become aware of this and move beyond it, are the ones that allow universal flow in the easiest, paint with abandon and write beautiful music that reaches the far depths of our souls, it’s the writer who points to the truth in our hearts, it’s the adult at the playground having just as much fun as their child. The more we liberate ourselves in our minds, the more “flow” we feel, the more life force we channel, the more joy, abundance, and emotional freedom we live in, will create a more beautiful and innovative place for generations to come! Do you limit yourself more in certain areas? Do you limit yourself in your thoughts about money, love, and life in general? Maybe it is a matter of how you feel about yourself?

This whole concept can extend to our spiritual practice, the more we allow our minds to wander and play, the more information we can sift through and find resonance in. So the next time something catches you, a color, a concept, a song, let it take you somewhere!

The most fun and easy way of practicing awareness on our mind, body, and emotional freedom is making time to sit down, and with the intention of freedom, listen to a song and let it take you where it wants to go. Don’t try to steer the experience, and every time you feel resistance, take note of it, it might give you clues to areas of yourself that you censor on a more conscious level.

So take some time, get comfy, set the mood and grab your best pair of earbuds or headphones, hit play and go into a full experience of allowing and freedom. Then write down where you went, what you felt, these observations offer so much insight into your current state of being and you will have a window into what “allowing” feels like. So the next time you want to meditate or manifest something, you can tap into that allowing state of feeling and being. You will be surprised how much you were holding back, the censored mind affects us more than we ever realize <3


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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