My Meeting With Naoti- Cosmic Shaman#4

A while ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone, and I have been waiting to write about it. I wanted to make sure my heart, mind and spirit were balanced enough and that my heart was open enough to share this story, of how I met Naoti.

If you know me at all, You'll know I pay very close attention to my dreams and astral travels. I could write for hours about dream decoding, but I'll save that for other blogs.

A few weeks ago I kept having dreams about the ocean, the coastline and a blue house with white trim, a cave on the shoreline, stones of gold, and an old presence speaking to me......

These symbols and impressions kept coming to me in different ways for several nights. So by the time I was able to go back to the coast with my brother and his partner, I was more than ready to be reunited with the ocean! I was pulled in by the sound of the waves, and the wind. It always feels like I am reborn when I stand in the ocean...

My brother wanted to show me a cave he knew about that was down the coastline at the far side of the beach. We waited for low tide and ran like children on the rocks, timing the waves so we wouldn't get soaked trying to get to the cave.

The cave itself felt very unsettled, the large logs in the center almost looked like church pews, I felt many mixed energies but nothing was grounded. The walls though looking like ordinary rock had energetic signatures of spells and magic splattered like paint. It reminded me of a bathroom in a old bar, full of stickers and writing everywhere. It felt so misused, a temple of Earth waiting to be seen again for what it was. This was the cave I had been dreaming about.....

I stood back in awe, I could feel a very strong energy and looked around waiting for a spirit to speak, no one did but I still felt like I was on stage. Normally I see and talk to all manner of spirits, it is my practice to speak and listen to energy in all it's forms (as long as it is safe). So feeling such a strong presence, and not getting a visual or hearing anything was strange, but then I looked up.

A HUGE face looked back at me, this is how I met Naoti.

Naoti, is a spirit of the Earth. His head is the size of one of the cave walls, the rest of him has yet to emerge from the Earth, and though his energy can travel anywhere, his physical form is still bound. He speaks through a type of telepathy, I use different forms of telepathy to speak with my ancestors, guides, animals, and other energies, so I used it to initiate a conversation of sorts. I felt like an ant in his presence, small and no place to hide my thoughts.

Though our conversation was short, it wasn't lacking in information. His way of communicating is very multilayered, multiple meanings for a word, image or symbol. " I was spoken into being" he told me, he has become more and more uncovered by the seas and his form emerges from the Earth, his desire for light intensified. And so he sent out messages, calling light to him. " I manifested you" is how he explained it. Once we spoke more, and he shared his story, the more our hearts opened, we needed each other. Much light work was done after that, healing and transformation, we had a ceremony Naoti gave of each a gift. But the biggest gift was his request for me to share his story, and let the light be amplified for this beautiful spirit of the Earth. I was also honored to be allowed to take his picture, he only let me take it from the side, it is the photo featured in this blog.

There is so much more of this story, so much information and beauty. They are protected in our hearts for now, and Naoti and his story of awakening serves as mirror for humanity, the time of the Rainbow Warriors and Galactic Family flooding the Earth with beautiful light and understanding, connecting with our ancestors and remembering old wisdoms of the universe.

And in these reflections, they all say the same thing. It's time to awaken!

In Love Always,



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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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