On A Scale of Names to Oneness

Lately I’ve started introducing myself to people as Dolinka, this is my spirit name and the name I write these blogs under. It acts like a sigil, calling all my wisdom, lifetimes, and versions of myself together into to this single point of awareness.

As I introduce myself to a strangers with this name, someone more recently asked about it. I explained how it was given to me and the linage behind it. This got got him thinking about his name and how he failed to see a story behind it, and therefore a lack of meaning behind it. So I looked within and said,

“Names are sounds we use to identify each other, what matters more is the person, than the name” 

After I said this, he seemed to relax and settle back into his knowing and himself, feeling who he is more strongly and it was apparent by the shift in his demeanor and energy. I found the interaction to be quite revealing.

It got me thinking, how interesting it is how one perspective can fold in on itself. The conversation was prompted by my name, it took on importance at first, it had meaning and depth. Then the larger concept of language took precedence, and we went down that train of thought for a while, and then we came back full circle to the energy of the universe itself (I Am, or you and I) became the complete focus, making names obsolete.....

And yet, names still hold meaning and information that are useful and necessary in this existence, they hold energy, meaning, and tell stories of who our great grandmothers and fathers were, where our families have been. Someones name is they first part of introductions when we meet them.

Think about your name, how it sounds, what it feels like and what you associate it with, write it down if you like. Then write down what you want to feel like, what you want to be associated with, how it would sound if who you are was a sound.....

Sometimes we are given names and sometimes we can gift ourselves one. There is power in knowing yourself, and there is power in awareness, the more we discover the more we see how life is not at all as simple or complicated as we thought it was, it all comes back to one place, oneness my beloveds.

Today my thoughts are like fractals, and they continue on into others. I hope wherever and whoever you are, you can look into what meaning your own name holds and discover more through it. Whatever you find, may it add to the experience of your life, because even the smallest aspects of our lives, even something as simple as a name, should be adding to our happiness and well being in this life, it is our right to be happy, loved and loving....

So today I ask you this, what is your name beloved?

Sending you warmth and light from the Universe,

Dolinka ~


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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