Organizing My Thoughts in Public, Cosmic Shaman #3

I'm laying on my stomach on the floor in the corner of my brother's living room, the windows are open, and on the windowsill is my Fairy alter.

Crystals, feathers, seashells, baby pine cones, and part of a root of a tree that was gifted to me by the tree.

The sunlight shines and dances all over the alter and it feels like a home I remember but can't put a name too.

To my left is a shelf the height of the armrest of the couch, my sweet brother Ben cleared it off for me, so I could put my Buddha and other "Katie things" on it.

It's been my pillar of stability, it reminds me of everything I need to remember in order to stay aligned with my path. The smirk on Buddha's face always brings me back to center, oneness and LOVE. One day maybe I won't need this reminder, maybe one day I'll wake up and always be in the full oneness awareness of the universe......wouldn't that be something......

This little corner of the room has been my bed/office/session area for the last two months. And now I feel the breeze change and shift, my spirit straining for the next cycle of my life. I feel very strongly that something I cannot yet see is coming for me, I feel it coming closer every day. I've been here, doing my inner work, claiming my divinity and abundance in this world (feel free to join me) and it has been a time of healing, connecting with loved ones, nature, meditation, metamorphosis, and deeper understanding. I feel overwhelmed with blessings with such good people in my life, and becoming more and more aware of the never ending supply of love flowing through me.


It's also been really exhausting shedding all these layers, trusting that my actions are leading me where I want to be. Trusting my intuition that is giving me flashes and visions of my future, that seems like a wild fairy tale.

I ask myself, "how will any of this happen to me?". I'm trying not to question the how, but lets be honest, I am a little bit. It's like the ocean, it comes in waves of trust and questioning. It's definitely enough to keep me awake some nights......

And even though I'm struggling with this process of letting go of my plan, and being committed to my higher self plan that I'm not always able to see the best. I still feel excitement, anticipation, and nothing but wonderful things ahead, it's the energy of what we call miracles. Whatever mystery is coming my way, I welcome it fully into my heart, it's already healing me....The energy is so beautiful, I can't wait!

Sometimes trust is what spirit asks us to do (Ok, not sometimes, like all the time!) But I know that once I'm done having my little panic attack/freak out, my mind will calm down and spirit can keep leading me down the path to my highest joy <3

So if you can relate to any of this, I hope my messy process of awakening is validating for you, because I know I'm not alone in the path of transformation through Love.

So, deep breath.... drink in the sky, feel your heart, and keep on walking with me. I think this next chapter is going to be beautiful for you too. How do I know this?

Because you wouldn't be reading this blog if it wasn't true dear heart :)

Trust with me, be brave with me! Lets go, lets run towards the future like fearless warriors of light, into bliss!!!

Always with you in Love,

~ Dolinka <3


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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