Persecution Society, can we have Peace On the Internet?

As the November elections draw near, and as the the events in the world continue to unfold, I look around at social media and think to myself "how can we use all of this heat and pressure to make a diamond, instead of Social War? Because that is what is happening right now. This is a social war, neighbor turning against neighbor. How can we unite a country, or dare I say the world if we aren't first willing to make peace in ourselves....

I have to ask myself, how can I support my family, my community, my country and the planet. Just like any "to do" list, we can prioritize the easiest tasks. We can all take steps every day, we can choose to love, to listen, to understand and be willing to observe the truth in each moment objectively. Do we really "lose" or "gain" anything by fighting with one another? Is this what we teach our children? Or is there perhaps a more peaceful solution......

Choose Peace, choose love, choose compassion. Are these not all the teachings of our great leaders and healers of the past? Can we not glean some wisdom from the past, and see where hate has brought us? But also love? Do we really want to repeat this cycle? for ourselves and future generations? This is the perfect time for us as the people to tell leaders how we want life to be, we are the people, our voice carries, it has POWER. Don't ever feel like you don't matter, your voice matters. But can we hear each other if we are all screaming?

We can ask ourselves “what do we want for ourselves as humanity?” not “what can I slam someone with?”

Sounds familiar right, sounds like a bully. You “have” to do this, or I will become upset/angry, I will then blame on you, making you feel bad, triggering your wounds, and weeeeeee!! around we go!

Since when did adding to social persecution become the best possible solution? Or passing around a pile of guilt to go with our daily coffee or tea in the morning. Slathering our morning toast with judgements that spike our excitement over the buzz of playing judge and jury. Thou has fucked up, and I saw it!

Now, I think we should ask ourselves “how this is helpful or healthy in any way?” Identifying issues is important, yes! Please do become self aware, please do look around using our eyes and ears, but also with our hearts. What are we really hearing when people talk and exchange opinions on Facebook. If we apply even a little mathematical logic/principle to this, and look at the problem as a puzzle to be solved, it gives us the freedom to find creative solutions. Such as, rephrasing the questions, looking at issues from multiple perspectives, allowing creativity to be part of the problem solving process, and cultivating our own inner peace with sharing those insights with each other, together as a collective.

Doesn’t this appear to be a social impulse control issue? We “have” to engage in conflict because we decided this when? For what reason? Think about that, why? Now is the time to be a warrior, yes! But A warrior for a Peaceful Humanity.

What happened to conflict resolution? Where is the reason behind this madness? I’d like to know, until then I’ll take my veggie omelette without the persecution toast :)

We have given up our campfires for screens, and screens became dull, so we have to find something else to distract us from ourselves. Maybe a profound insight occurs, one that could help yourself and humanity as a whole, what if each person started choosing harmony and love, over judgement and hate?

Love, is the only answer that I have found within myself that seems to offer me Peace, while also giving way to inspiration. Don't take my word for it, try love on for size, see what you think and feel. What unique insights can we offer the world from this place of Peace.......

Thank you beloved for reading this, I love you.

~ Dolinka


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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