Practice Makes Purpose

I was thinking about my daily practice this afternoon, lighting the sage and smelling the smoke as it billowed before me. It caught me up in thought, how a practice is so many things, it's not just organization of the mind, it is coming into harmony with yourself and reminding yourself of purpose, passion, peacefulness, it cultivates clarity of the mind and heart....

And once I started not just having a daily practice, but enjoying it, I realized how much it teaches us to make our whole day a practice, a practice of loving awareness and purpose.

The dictionary describes a practice as so; “To perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it”.

I find it important to have practice and ceremony in my life, it creates and builds momentum and purpose, it is a vessel and by doing our practice we fill it, and we gain the benefit of having something rich and fulfilling completely of our own making, it’s personal and connects us to all that is, because it reminds us who we truly are (I AM/ spirit).

So how can we create a daily practice that works well for us? Well, we first start with what our intention and purpose is, and why we have decided to have one. The beauty of setting up your own practice is that no matter what religion or beliefs you have, it can help you go deeper into yourself, and life itself.

I will use myself as a guinea pig, and share with you my daily practice, it is as follows.


-Light candles,honor spirit, hold prayer stance, set intentions for the day, give thanks and express gratitude, feel into my heart and sending out love and or Reiki to everyone and myself.


-Food that nourishes me

-Listen to or read holy books, lectures or someone that inspires me

-Speak lovingly to myself

-Take tinctures, make tea and other earth medicines.

And throughout the day, I try to be mindful of what I am grateful for, what brings me joy and any triggers. I journal about these emotions and experiences, even if they are to be investigated at a later time, it helps me check in with myself, which is hugely helpful when I need to make decisions and make the best use of my time each day.

Your practice could be as simple as journaling in the morning and at night, prayer, meditation, Reiki, singing, saying mantras, making tea, reading something that adds peace to your day, anything that helps build self love, gratitude, purpose and clarity. But the main thing to keep in mind, is that this practice should add to your comfort and joy, only set intentions to do things that you know you will have a positive impact and make you feel good.

I will leave you with these words by Ram Dass <3

Much Love,

~Dolinka Dirokshi


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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