Retrograde Growing Pains

Remember when you were a child, and you could actually feel yourself growing? Did it ever feel good? Chances are, growing up came in a bittersweet form. And chances are, some of your big “aha” moments came from that growth (be it physical or emotional)

There is a time when we are asked to accept our pain as part of ourselves and not see it as a separate entity, but rather our greatest ally. Our pain holds the keys and information of what we have been missing, it’s learning how to decode it, and understand what our pain is telling us.

You can never tell by just looking at someone what their pain is, unless we ourselves have felt that pain in ourselves, inside our own bodies and minds. There is nothing like experiencing suffering for yourself, the amount of understanding and knowledge that comes from direct experience is un-measurable.

Pain gives us an inner compass and a map of how we are feeling about our past, present and future. Our greatest strengths are found in our pain, surrender to experiencing it. Don’t get caught up in any stories of what it ought to be, instead, accept what it is right now. Allow yourself to feel whatever negative emotion has been knocking on your heart, it’s trying to show you something, it’s trying to tell you those mean words spoken to you when you were 10 years old became a belief you don't want anymore, it’s trying to tell you that you miss your loved one because they made you feel safe, and now you need to create your own safety, it’s telling you that it’s time to make a step out into the world, to be bold even if you are afraid, it is trying to tell you your fears, so you can overcome them. Let your pain be your friend, not your director.

Healing is simply the act of becoming aware, and cultivating balance.

Balance in our thoughts, in our practice, in our bodies, in our words and remembering who we truly are, which is everyone and everything in existence.

By healing yourself, you heal a part of everyone, so be brave, feel and be perfectly in peace with whatever you are feeling right now, because like all things in life, it will pass and the now will change to another now, so be here with yourself now......

Much Love my dear beloveds,

Your mirror,

~ Dolinka Dirokshi


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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