Of Stars and Icebergs

Updated: May 29, 2018

There is a part of me I don't share with everyone, a part of me that is innately connected with the stars. This makes me no different from you or anyone else, it is simply my awareness of it and my relationship to it that I cherish deeply and creates my unique experience with it.

Growing up I was always drawn to the stars, I would look out my window most nights and feel a yearning that was overwhelming, I couldn't intellectualize it, but many nights I would look out on the night sky and cry. This lasted all through my teen years, and only intensified.

Many years later, I had just moved into a duplex in Northeast Minneapolis with my former partner. It was an exciting time, new jobs, new home, and a new year. On January 2nd 2012, I awoke from a very special dream, one that set me down a path that changed my life, and changed me. This dream compelled me, it was the most vivid experience I had ever had, and it had showed me something hidden away in my consciousness.

For several months after that I worked with a dream interrupter, I continued to have these vivid, cosmic and sometimes shared dreams for all of 2012. The interpreter was so fascinated by them that she wrote about them in several of her books, she was especially interested in my sudden ability to enter the dreams of my loved ones (sometimes at will). It became so normal in my family that I would get texts in the morning with comments on a dream we had just shared, or a conversation that was had in the dream, it became especially common with my younger brother who would stay over on weekends. It was around this time I started to practice meditation, the first time I sat down to meditate I left my body completely, I was shown the galaxy, beautiful stars, and I stopped at a white planet and felt my connection to it, then another star system, and a aqua blue planet, and my connection to it as well. When I came back I felt like I had been on a bullet train and slammed back into my body, and I sobbed because I felt like I had a piece of myself that had been hidden, it had always been there, and now I finally understood yearning in my heart.

It was during this time of intense awakening that I started having experiences of seeing, hearing and feeling my spirit guides. When I was a child I remembered talking to beings that would appear in my room, or outside. You could call them Angels, Animal Guides, Ascended Masters, Galactic Family or Extraterrestrials, what we call them isn't of importance, as long as the heart understands, but I found I could easily speak with all of them, and other unclassified beings that would be even harder for me to explain...

It was during this time of awakening in 2012, I found myself painting, and one of my guides appeared. I was given a vision of my hands and energy coming out of my palms, polar energies,like hot/cold, masculine/feminine, giving/receiving. My guide said that I had the skill of a healer, and it would serve me in this life to learn to use it again, and help heal others with my hands.

I had never heard of energy healing before, and quickly went to Google and found many energy healing modalities, but one stood out above the others, it resonated in my heart. And so I began to study Reiki, and trained with a Master who is now a mentor and friend.

After a few years I came to know myself more, "finding my edges" is how I describe it. So many people know me, but few know the details of my dreams, the healing process I use, the things I see, hear and feel that help me, help others. If you ask me about these visions, dreams and why I'm connected to some very specific stars, I will tell you. It is a part of my soul, but a part that I keep to myself unless it is helpful for another to know and understand. And so I share this small piece of my scared heart with you, knowing it is merely a glimpse of the whole, like an iceberg.

With Love,

~ Dolinka


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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