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As promised, I'm back with more of the real me and what I actually think about, go through and want to share. Spirit has been LOUD and CLEAR that I'm supposed to write. So lets dive into that for a moment......

When I say "spirit is loud and clear" it means that I get signs........ constantly!!

I get psychic messages, visions, dreams, and have conversations with my ancestors, spirit animals and other spirit guides. I talk to mine on a regular basis, unless I'm stressing about life....then I tend to listen to the tapes running on loop in my head (soooooo annoying and destructive) but hey, it's the truth! It's pretty funny actually, I have come to laugh at myself, one day, talking with the Ascended Masters and Angels, and the next I'm rolling around in a fight with my worries, stress and wounds. Until I remember myself, and then naturally come back to center (Heart) eventually, I am sure my spirit guides have a lot more grey hair because of me! (I kid, but seriously though!) My guides are amazing, they help me feel supported that I definitely need, I feel tremendous love for them all.

Lately I've been going through some big, BIG changes....

Of course moving was one of them, but the biggest changes have been in my perspective, and how I see and experience the universe in this physical dimension. There is a big difference from knowing something and experiencing it. Someone can read about Mt. Everest and know alllllll about it, but it's an entirely different experience climbing it and getting to know it in a physical experience of feeling it's energy and being there.

Well that is what happened to me, it wasn't Mt. Everest, but my understanding in the metaphysical and what our reality really shifted, once I was able to fully experience the universe. I will try and keep this blog as relatable as possible with how I word things, sometimes spirit uses our words differently than we do, to help shift how we think about something, but I can get more into that later.....

Somethings just can't be explained, not because we can't know, but because our language limits what we can convey. I will try and get better at stringing everything together for you, but for now I hope you can follow along with your own beautiful understanding of the universe, because that is what is important, your relationship with your reality.

How did my shift happen?

I was meditating and all of the sudden my mind was blown away, and I experienced the oneness of the universe on a whole new level...... All from just sitting, and listening, and being open.....

I'm excited to share the insights from this shift, but that will be for another day, because my human body is in need of breakfast and a swim in the river. I would love to start getting questions from any of you dear readers, so please feel free to email me and submit your topics or question you would like me to cover like a "ask Dolinka" kinda thing, what do you think? let me know, I wanna connect with you sweet souls :)

But for now, know that I love you, that you are loved and lovable, and perfectly divine, made of the divine <3 Until our next cosmic meeting, hugs and loves <3

In Lak'ech (I am another you)



Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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