The Wounded Healer

You ever notice that when you are in a moment of true emotional pain, and you are just in it, feeling it, breathing it, that you feel an immense sense of who you are? Past, present and future self rolled into one?

Lujan Matus talked about helping people, and bringing them to the “threshold of silence” in order for them to find themselves.

A healers job is not about “taking the pain away”.

When we stop running from our pain, and feel it, we are becoming fully present with ourselves. If we can have unconditional presence, we can experience the fullness of who we are, that is healing, this is what healers really do. They bring awareness to the pain. People hold memories, trauma and pain in their bodies, and it isn’t until their physical lives become affected by this neglected pain and disharmony that they seek help to heal it.

We all have our own inner healer, we all have the ability to sit with someone and be unconditionally present, and help that person become present with themselves. I call this “seeing” and “being seen”, to be truly seen by another is extremely profound. Some of my most intense emotional experiences were when I allowed someone to truly see me, it is one of the most vulnerable and frightening experiences I have had, and yet it helped me in my healing journey ten fold.

If we allow someone to see us as we really are, we can no longer avoid looking at ourselves, all of the illusion and denial fades, and we are left with purely ourselves and our thoughts of ourselves, whether they are based in truth or not, we are left with the experience of them.

Many who feel called to the healer path, are often the most wounded, we seek healing in ourselves and in others. We seek presence in ourselves and others, because we are no strangers to pain, and feel called to ease the suffering we see in everyone we meet, because it mirrors our own. A balanced healer will accept that some people need to experience pain, and don’t try to “fix” anyone, a balanced healer will simple love, and let that love be a resting place for that person in their experience of pain and growth. Nothing is permanent, seasons of healing cycle though our lives just as the seasons do.

It is our experiences as humans to feel, and be felt by others because in the end, we are all part of a whole, another person’s healing is essentially our own healing. Love, compassion and presence are the true healers.

And so I feel that in some capacity, we are all called to the healer path........

Much Love dear ones <3

~Dolink Dirokshi


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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