They call me Dolinka (blog introduction)

They call me Dolinka, a name given to me by my spirit guide one night, as I was meditating under the blood super moon in a park in south Minneapolis. In our modern society most people would refrain from going by their spirit name at Starbuck’s when ordering a coffee, or at a dinner party introducing themselves, because it evokes questions, questions that when answered open a discussion not everyone wants to have. Though there has been great movement within the spiritual communities to expand and branch out, I see it as a craving for humanity to reconnect with their ancestors and the Earth. From a certain perspective everything is “spiritual”, because we are spirits living the human experience. I am interested in exploring those personal moments of realization, the revelations in meditation, the epiphanies on the train home, unexpected clarity and bliss during crisis, the shamanic realms, going into the murky depths and high states of consciousness. Is is my intention through this blog to explore the experiences of life and share them with you, my focus is to embody the understanding of In La’ekch, "I am another you".

Dolinka is a special Eagle, it is the Eagle's perspective through my spirit's eyes, and something particularly unique and personal to my experience. My Native American spirit guide gave me the name in a ceremony, and then a few years later on Christmas day I was meditating in the Nevada desert by myself, I had needed some alone time and hiked up behind the hotel I was staying at on the edge of town. That is when I as given the second part of my name, my ancestors appeared before me, ancestors through blood, through soul connection and guides of Earth. The name is a cosmic mix of experiences, summoning the knowledge and wisdom of many lifetimes. Dirokshi, a goddess, warrior, divine feminine and masculine, and so much more. It is a reminder of who I am in spirit, my purpose and unique perspective of soul.

And so I became Dolinka Dirokshi ~


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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