Unedited ~ Feeling Meditation

This feeling meditation is unedited and from my spirit to yours, it flows freely from my heart and into yours, may it be a gift we can both enjoy by feeling each word in gratitude for the ability to feel ones own self and the fullness of the universe ~

Our cycles of experience in life change, be apart of and witness to it's flow, and let yourself change with it ~

Unedited ~ Feeling Meditation ~

The breath nourishes, the heart knows, the mind thinks, the eyes view, the heart sees,

The feet walk, the blood flows, the mind thinks, the heart beats,

The hands move, the mind flows, the heart speaks,

The mouth moves, the words come, the mind hears, the heart understands,

The feet move, the heart feels, the mind cries, the hands move, the heart breaks,

The Earth moves, the water flows, the trees wilt, the ocean roars, the sky rains,

The lava flows, the clouds move, the rock hits, the thunder cries, the wind screams,

The waves crash, the ground shakes, tree falls, the deer sees, the hawk flies,

The bear warns, the cub plays, the oceans calm, the rock supports,

The tree grows, the flower blooms, the fruit ripens, the heart sings, the mind frees,

The Earth loves, the human sees, the Earth gives, the human receives, the heart loves,

The Earth receives, the humans learn peace, the children receive, the Earth knows,

And she believes…..

Inspired by spirit, dedicated to my brother Ben ~


Thanks for stopping by my page!

Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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