Yearning & 11:11 Cosmic Shaman #5

Have you ever had a yearning in your heart, something that pulls you beyond the depths of your soul?

There is going to be a chapter in the book I'm writing called "The Yearning". It's all about the deep unknown yearning we all feel at some point in our lives, and why it's so elusive. As a child my very first memory was the day I was born. This is a story widely known in my family to this day, and something my mom and I still discuss.

But I can tell you that if I boil that miraculous memory down to major impressions, forms of ideas and energy, I'd tell you that one of the main impressions is that of a foreign sense of yearning, it felt like a new emotion and a sort of blue light where

I thought memory should be. The feeling of yearning grew, and as I got older I projected this feeling onto external situations.

Yearning comes from the depths of our souls, and what so many experiences or emotions have in common is that they all have the flavor profile of some yearning in them. It's such a common vibration, we are familiar with it to the point where it feels like it is a part of us.

But in truth, it isn't. Earth still has the illusion of separateness, it is a reality so many still believe in, so it still exists in the minds of our brothers and sisters. But this is an illusion, we are all one, one energy, one Light!

Have you ever just known something deep in your heart? This is your heart awakening to itself, and this is where true desire is born, falling in love is the reflection of awakening, it is union, unity and the infinity symbol to name a few. This is why these words, images or phrases have become more "popular" in our human collective.

So when you feel yourself feeling this deep yearning, whether you are projecting it onto a current life situation, remember that this is your soul longing for oneness. Oneness is a constant, it is not dictated by what you see around you, oneness is so much bigger than that. And it is found within beloved. When One is in their divinity, their ONENESS, their external lives will begin to shift to reflect this oneness. All paths lead to the same place, so embrace your path and learn to love it fiercely!

This also ties into why 11:11 is such a phenomenon, 11:11 is "One, ONE", it's basically the Universe saying "I AM! And so are YOU!". We are starting to conceptualize oneness differently, this is also reflected in twin flame reunions happening, and the reflections of what we call awakenings happening, it is the light becoming aware it IS light. That is you, that is me, this is us, Pure Light~

I AM Another YOU

~In Love Always, Dolinka


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Katie Lee

Minneapolis MN

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