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Katie Lee

Eugene OR 97402

 Spirit Coaching

There are times in our journey of life, when we may need someone to help us see our own potential, heal a wound, clear our vision from the illusion, change a life pattern, or help ground us.

This I found to be part of my calling, as a healer, intuitive, and empath.

Connecting people to their guides, offering support, emotional healing, unique connections to spirit and energy clearing. It is our birthright to live abundantly and enjoy living!

Space Clearing

Energy work for your home/office or vehicle. Pricing depends on situation/time.


Reiki Treatment
60 minutes of Holy Fire Reiki and post treatment talk with notes.


Aura energy readings. Get a full report in person or online of your auric energy, the outside layer of your energy, and the inner layer of your energy.


Mini Card Reading
30 minute card reading for some quick guidance on an issue you want clarity on.
Guidance on the go.
Sign up to get a single card pull for each day, week or month texted to you. A picture of the card, along with a personalized guidance message will be sent to you.
One time car pull $11
One card a day for a week $66
One card once a week for a month $40
3 intuitive card pulls each week for a month.

"Oh my Gosh! What a wonderful reading! Thank you so much ! Katie is very gifted in this field. I am blessed to connect with her here!

- Julie

"Katie is one of the most present and deeply insightful people I've had the pleasure of meeting. She approaches softly and taps into a deep well of intuition to truly offer a compassionate and sapient response. I am very much looking forward to working with Katie in the future!" -Nick

"Another great reading (: I am awed by the things she can see with just having a picture. If you want an aura reading, go to Katie Lee, she is amazing."

- Dorothee

"Katie Lee is a talented healer and intuitive. I am grateful to have crossed paths with her."

- Daniel

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